Eight Pictures That Show Pope Francis Just “Gets it”

The Pope’s visit to the Philippines has dominated  Filipino interest as of late, and that’s great, but while people are busy debating theology and the nuances of balancing the Catholic faith and the liberalism of the modern age, we forget that the world’s most influential Christian leader is human, just like (most of) us!


1. The Pope Has A Master’s Degree In Chemistry

That White Smoke? He discovered that process

“Time To Cook”

2. And That Probably Explains His More Open Interpretation To Scripture

“I mean, Arceus is the source of all Pokemon, so it’s only logical to assume that he allowed for Evolution to occur.”

He’s also open to interspecies mating, as evidenced by the Scripturia Doctrina Ditto document


3. The Pope Refuses To Enclose The Popemobile

An open vehicle makes it easier to make it rain the Holy Communion

It’s also easier to go through drive-throughs and commit drive-bys

4) The Pope Only Has One Lung

He lost the other when a priest from a rival denomination tried to nail him

“If I lose this one, I’ll just take yours”



5) The Pope Is Really Fit

His favorite routine? Crossfit!

[gasp] Blasphemy! [/gasp]
“And the lord said – ‘Go Crossfit or go home’ “


6)…And he isn’t Afraid To Smack A Bitch

He’s not afraid to cap a motherfucker either


He’s only fake laughing. The truth is that the pope beats him behind closed doors


7) Pope Francis Doesn’t Judge! Age is just a number, yo!

The Pope knows that love knows no bounds, just legal restrictions.

Pope Francis ain’t afraid to show he cares #nohomobro



8. ) Pope Francis Is Actually Part of the Illuminati

Wait, where are you going? Don’t go I have more facts!

Facts like “he’s secretly hitler” and “he’s not a virgin”