President Ramos moves forward with plan to build wall along Marikina-Katipunan Border

Leaks from the Office of the President show what the President thinks of the other schools and cities of the Metro
Leaks from the Office of the President show what the President thinks of the other schools and cities of the Metro



The Committee for University Security (CUS)  has released the first draft of President Ramos’ proposed border wall to the Sanggunians. The plans were released along with a report on student transfers, acceptance rates, as well as crime and dropout statistics for students of Marikenyo descent. The Katipunero was able to get a copy of the Committee’s report, entitled Marikenyos – Bad for the Ateneo, or really bad for the Ateneo?, after passing five FOI requests –of which three were rejected, one was ‘lost,’ and the last was approved but only if we promised not to read it– and one overly-complicated break-in scheme into the CUS chair Stephen Banyo’s office.


President Ramos implements travel ban on six-Libertarian majority schools

President Ramos has signed an executive order suspending all incoming travel from six Libertarian-majority schools for 120 days, while also specifically singling out students from Cubao for an indefinite period. The ban effectively prevents students of these schools from entering Katipunan territory. Students seeking to transfer to the Ateneo have also had their applications rejected. The schools affected are 

  1. STI College Recto – Currently affected by the SomaTI Civil War.
  2. The University of Manila – Stable, with only 1% of the population that can be defined as “Objectivist,” but has rejected Ramos’ bid to build a “Ramos Dormitory”
  3. Elizabeth Seton School – President Ramos explained the ban in a tweet, saying”Because Elizabeth Seton believed in radically empowering women, and not in the good way, like they do in Miriam. “
  4. Far Eastern University – A leaked conversation says that President Ramos said that as a U-Belt school, it was susceptible to Radical Objectivism.
  5. /6. Xavier and ICA due to the Edsan Civil War. Curiously, LSGH, a DLSU-backed school, is not affected.

President Ramos’s executive order was to be implemented “immediately,” causing chaos in LRT Stations and Jeep stops all over the Katipunan area as OSCI Inquisitors were deployed to screen all incoming traffic for banned students. While the ban is in effect, students from the listed schools will not be allowed past screening and into ADMU territory, regardless of prior approval.

Jan Ramos officially becomes SANGGU President




Jan Ramos has officially been inaugurated President of the Sanggunian amidst controversy about his ties to Miriam College and mass protests on his controversial populist policies.


KATIPUNAN- Placing his hand on the Bible and as well as on ACH bestseller “Wat-Pad: A Series of Short Love Stoires,” President Jan Ramos took the solemn oath to become the 45th President of the Sanggunian.


But in spite of him officially becoming the most powerful Student in the Metro, the President is still a controversial figure.


OSCI continues to investigate the President’s alleged ties to Russ-I mean, Miriam, and besides the protests scheduled yesterday and today, his inauguration was also the least attended inauguration of any SANGGU President ever. Period.


LSGH Regime crushes Free Xavier Army in Battle for Greenhills



The DLSU-backed LSGH Regime has declared that it has reestablished control over Fort Araneta, clearing the last rebel holdout in the region and leaving Xavier and ICA open to attack.


Greenhills Shopping Center, LSGH – After a long and bloody campaign, the Battle for Greenhills has come to an end. After nearly a month of aerial bombings which nearly expended LSGH’s stockpiles, the last of Greenhills’ civilian population has surrendered, giving the victory, to the DLSU-LSGH alliance. The General of the DLS Coalition, Commander Ivan Ivanovich, says that with Greenhills taken, the rebels have nowhere left to run.

Their win was a controversial one, however, as the DLSU ROTC has been accused of war crimes and deliberately targeting civilians. In response, they claim that their air strikes only target rebel encampments, but that the Radical Objectivist terrorist group ARSON uses innocent civilians as human shields, “twisting the words of the prophet Ayn Rand  in their pursuit of radical self-interest.”


In response, the UAAP Human Rights Council has pointed that Greenhills has been ARSON-free since October of  last year. The forces occupying the Fort were Opposition groups fighting for independence against LSGH annexation of their homeschools, and unlike ARSON, are not fighting for the creation of an Anarcho-Capitalist Caliphate in the Middle Metro.