Oh, wow, uh, I get to talk about myself here?

Uh, yeah, that’s what the About page is for.

Cool, I never get to talk about me. 

Okay, uh, just try to act natural.

Well, my name is American Capitalist Hegemony, and I’m an art group. A young one. Barely one year old. And I, uh, like making art. Well, obviously, I’m an art group *laughs.* But yeah, I’m single, open to meeting new people, and I, well, I like doing stuff other people won’t do. 

Now that just sounds a  bit too conceited.

Oh, it does? Sorry. Uh, well, it’s true, anyway. I do stuff other people won’t do because they’re too afraid of what others will think and stuff. I like being daring and pushing the envelope you know.

Uh-huh. Okay. Is that all?

Should I tell them about my stamp collection?

Preferably not.

I have a stamp collection.


See? I’m daring. I can’t be held back. I’m a loose cannon, baby.



The minds behind ACH


Gonzo – Possibly insane, he has resisted all attempts to gauge his sanity levels (he claimed it was better to see how it all turns out.) He likes to think of himself as smart, witty, incredibly handsome, but at the same time, humble and courteous. He has had at least five blogs in the past, with only one of them being moderately successful. He was eventually thrown out of that one.


Raul – Gonzo’s right-hand man *snickers* and a dedicated student. He runs the organization organizationally, and has ties with several NPA leaders, all of whom had died from suspiciously accurate drone strikes. In the year 2004, he lost his virginity to a super model, but forgot all about it the next night. She didn’t.


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