SOSE to seek funding by offering naming rights on Kickstarter

Following harsh budget cuts made by SANGGU President Jan Ramos, the School of Science and Engineering has had to look elsewhere for funding. Besides weaponizing their students’ theses before auctioning them off to the highest-bidding arms dealer or distilling alcohol in PIPAC for San Miguel (“READ – LIQR 101 – “Competitive Bootlegging and Alcohol production” now a core subject for SOSE Majors” ), SOSE Dean Dr. Francis Sine has also turned to crowdfunding to keep the school’s lights on.

SOSE’s “Reboot” campaign, the dean says, is both a great way to secure incme, while also being an opportunity to reinvent the school; the dean believes  the Ateneo’s largest (by area) school is long overdue for a makeover. “SOH got Arete because they were badly in need of space (and also because of the massive kickbacks the SOMafia received in the contstruction process), and the School of Government changed its name to score brownie points with the public. I think the time is just about right for a change in our school, and with Kickstarter, we can do that while also raising funds for the faculty and its students.”

Kickstarter is a website that allows people to directly fund events, products, start-up companies, and in some cases, established institutions, that they support. Dr. Sine says that putting SOSE’s “Reboot” on Kickstarter has made the entire initiative practically pay for itself, while also engaging the students and the public.

Backers of the initiative can donate any amount from one peso to ten million pesos to receive rewards from the School should their fundraising goal be reached.

Our Photoshop Team has suffered the worst from school cutbacks
Our Photoshop team has suffered the worst from school cutbacks

Prizes for backers include small items like stickers and pens for those who pledge ten pesos to the project, Steam codes for an Ateneo-themed Eroge developed by Computer Science Students for those who pledge a hundred pesos, and for the as of yet unclaimed top pledge of a million pesos, naming rights for the school.

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