President Ramos moves forward with plan to build wall along Marikina-Katipunan Border

Leaks from the Office of the President show what the President thinks of the other schools and cities of the Metro
Leaks from the Office of the President show what the President thinks of the other schools and cities of the Metro



The Committee for University Security (CUS)  has released the first draft of President Ramos’ proposed border wall to the Sanggunians. The plans were released along with a report on student transfers, acceptance rates, as well as crime and dropout statistics for students of Marikenyo descent. The Katipunero was able to get a copy of the Committee’s report, entitled Marikenyos – Bad for the Ateneo, or really bad for the Ateneo?, after passing five FOI requests –of which three were rejected, one was ‘lost,’ and the last was approved but only if we promised not to read it– and one overly-complicated break-in scheme into the CUS chair Stephen Banyo’s office.

The report reveals the specifications for the wall as a three-story high wall made of reinforced concrete, although an alternative, eco-friendly version of the wall will use recycled SOH undergraduate theses. The wall will run from Loyola School of Theology, through the C-5 and Katipunan Highways, the LRT lines, and end at Eastwood, which the CUS say can remain unwalled, as Eastwood’s expensive shops and lack of budget-friendly stores will be enough to keep Marikenyos on the right side of the river.  


The Committee’s projected costs are still only an estimation, with the low-end running at 5 Billion Katipunan Pesos, or roughly three years-worth of an LS student’s tuition. If the President manages to get Marikina to pay for the wall, it would cost them 15 Billion Maricoins. Marikina Mayor Marcelino Champignon, remains adamant that Marikina will never pay for the wall.


In a tweet, President Ramos said he understood the Mayor’s concerns, then reasonably and diplomatically tweeted “lol it’s not like Marikina has the money to pay for it anyway.”


Instead, the report says one possible way for funding the wall would be to levy a twenty-percent tax on all classes instructed by Marikina professors.



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