LSGH Regime crushes Free Xavier Army in Battle for Greenhills



The DLSU-backed LSGH Regime has declared that it has reestablished control over Fort Araneta, clearing the last rebel holdout in the region and leaving Xavier and ICA open to attack.


Greenhills Shopping Center, LSGH – After a long and bloody campaign, the Battle for Greenhills has come to an end. After nearly a month of aerial bombings which nearly expended LSGH’s stockpiles, the last of Greenhills’ civilian population has surrendered, giving the victory, to the DLSU-LSGH alliance. The General of the DLS Coalition, Commander Ivan Ivanovich, says that with Greenhills taken, the rebels have nowhere left to run.

Their win was a controversial one, however, as the DLSU ROTC has been accused of war crimes and deliberately targeting civilians. In response, they claim that their air strikes only target rebel encampments, but that the Radical Objectivist terrorist group ARSON uses innocent civilians as human shields, “twisting the words of the prophet Ayn Rand  in their pursuit of radical self-interest.”


In response, the UAAP Human Rights Council has pointed that Greenhills has been ARSON-free since October of  last year. The forces occupying the Fort were Opposition groups fighting for independence against LSGH annexation of their homeschools, and unlike ARSON, are not fighting for the creation of an Anarcho-Capitalist Caliphate in the Middle Metro.

But of course, this sort of back-and-forth and complicated divisions of school and ideological lines is a hallmark of the Edsan civil war. Over the years of fighting, many different groups have emerged, each fighting for different things, and each being backed by different outside powers. An invasion led by ARSON, a group of Radical Objectivists led by self-proclaimed Caliph Jose Galt, has only complicated matters even more. Word of their atrocities, as well as their backing of Radical Objectivist attacks all over the Metro, has poisoned the reputation of the opposition forces fighting against La Salle Greenhills. Crushing ARSON was used by DLSU’s as casus belli in sending troops to the region to support the Asis government of LSGH. 


Victor Pascual, President of the DLSU, sees no difference between members of Opposition forces or ARSON, and has instructed his generals to treat all hostile forces the same. He is reported to have said this to members of the DLS Coalition: “There will be no talk of negotiation, only unconditional surrender. There are no civilians, only sympathizers. Besides those that I have just told you, there are no rules.”


"buy one take one RPGs"
Greenhills Shopping Center is of immense value to all sides. It is easily defensible, strategically located, and is the source for many of the Metro’s greatest bargains


The Opposition is composed of the Free Xavier Army which is supported by the Ateneo, the ICAbollah supported by the Miriam Sisterhood. Both are fighting for the liberation of their respective schools from LSGH control, and although the two schools have various philosophical differences, together they formed a formidable alliance during the first half of the Edsan Civil War. They managed to beat back ARSON and LSGH forces out of Greenhills and Edsa proper before DLSU intervention.


The UAAP has intervened post-Battle of Greenhills and has initiated a short ceasefire to allow civilians and non-combatants time to leave the ruins of Greenhills, neither side, however, thinks the ceasefire will last.


An officer of the Xavier forces, who has asked to remain anonymous, has spoken to ACH sources saying that the war is almost lost, as the DLSU has sent experienced and battle-hardened divisions to support the LSGH forces, including a fleet of armored SUVs and drones, which the rebel forces have no counter against.


What’s more, he says that the rebel alliance is slowly starting to break down, as ICA’s forces have stopped responding to Xavier’s Snapchat PMs, or Facetime calls. Miriam has reportedly offered to join the fighting themselves, in exchange for ICA breaking ties with Xavier.


“Miriam,” our source says, “already has Soldiers in ICA. They said they were just ‘advisers,’ sent to train ICA’s child-soldiers, but ‘advisers’ don’t arrive in armored-trike convoys, do they?”


Our source continues by saying that the election of President Ramos is considered by Xavier to be the final nail in their coffin, citing the President’s comfortable relationship with Miriam and DLSU.


“The previous administration sent us guns and ammo for our soldiers, and food and Adventure Time DVDs for the grade schoolers still too young to fight. The last President of the Sanggunian believed in giving us democracy and freedom, but this new President just sees us all as terrorists. He doesn’t care if the DLSU coalition  bombs us all to oblivion, or if Miriam forces us to surrender to them, he has relegated us to be someone else’s problem.”


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