Jan Ramos okay with continued Miriam occupation of AHS



President Jan Ramos says that ceding our claim over the AHS is a sign of goodwill to our neighbors and not because he’s afraid of the Amazonian Greenskirt battalions stationed there.


AHS, DISPUTED LANDS – The Ateneo High School was the President’s first stop during his tour of the University, and what he saw, he said to the press, was enlightening.


The President says that the AHS territory, long disputed between Miriam and the Ateneo despite it being within the Ateneo’s Exclusive Academic (AEAZ) zone, is effectively barren and unfeasible for prolonged occupation and academic use, especially by a school as small and weak as the Ateneo.


“We simply do not have the resources to extract the territory’s chalk reserves. Even if we continue to occupy the area, it will be fifty, twenty, maybe three years before we could make any feasible investments into mining those chalk reserves,” said the President.


The AHS territory, long populated by the Blueshirt indigenous tribe, has been an incorporated territory of the Ateneo ever since Lord Jed Villaramos of the Jesuit Order converted the people to Jesuitism  many moons ago (December 2010). The territory, however, still remains harshly underdeveloped and mismanaged, with the Blueshirts asserting their independence and refusing Loyolan control. To further complicate matters, Miriam College also claims control over the region, and has already posted soldiers within the territory to solidify their claim.


During the administration of Miriam’s last Prime Minister, Stephanie Hardin , Miriam has put forward their claim to the territory, claiming that the Blueshirt tribe have personal and intimate ties with Miriam’s own indigenous nation, the Greenskirts.

A recent survey done by the ASC says that a majority (68%) of the Blueshirt population support the idea of being annexed by Miriam College. When asked if the presence of young female soldiers disturbed him in any way, Blueshirt tribal chief Ron Jeremiah said, “not in the least.” He also says that his people are “very excited” about being subdued and controlled by Miriam.

Miriam cites the support of the local peoples as justification to create a permanent garrison of Miriam soldiers within AHS territory,  an act that Sanggu minority party ROSAS is calling “an act of war.”


Members of the Blueshirt tribe think being annexed "would be nice."
AHS is currently being occupied by members of Miriam’s Greenskirt battalion.

Justifying her college’s acts, current prime minister Justine Torres says  – “The Greenskirts and the Blueshirts have deep ties to each other. They are related tribes, with close cultural bonds that the Ateneo has severed when they forcefully converted the population  and annexed. That is why we are challenging the Ateneo’s occupation and putting forward our own claim to this territory. It is only a coincidence that the territory is also very mineral-rich.”


In response, the Ateneo’s Environmental Science and Management department, which has been managing the territory, calls Miriam’s claims “bullshit.” “The UAAP has acknowledged our claim as the right one. There is no debate that the AHS is ours.”


The same sentiments were echoed by ROSAS party leader Angela Mercado, who says that ceding the territory is tantamount to treason, as the high school is rightfully Atenean territory.


The Office of the President has declined to clarify the President’s statements or to respond to Mercado’s denouncement of the President.



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