OSCI – DLSU Hacked the 2016 SANGGU Elections



Former University Inquisitor Brian Monte Payton says “It is without a doubt that DLSU-based hackers sought to interfere with SANGGU presidential elections.”


MVP, LOYOLA SCHOOLS – Over the weekend, the Office of the School Commissariat and Inquisition (OSCI) has released a report claiming that DLSU-based hackers did play a role in last year’s EMBER/ROSAS email hacks.

As unexpected as drug tests
Pictured – Osci Inquisitors

Former University Inquisitor and now consultant for the Guidon News Network says that he’s looked through the report and said “the investigation was solid, and I have no reason to doubt its legitimacy. It doesn’t answer all our questions, but it does confirm ties between DLSU and the EMBER/ROSAS Hacks.”

The report states that the E/R hacks were traced to agents previously known to Ateneo authorities to have direct ties DLSU President, Victor Pascua.

He needs two monitors to maximize his URL's GUI
Artist’s rendition of a DLSU Cyberhacker in the process of compromising the integrity of our elections

The report describes President Pascual as having a “personal vendetta” against ROSAS Presidential Candidate Kyrstin Hillario after she criticized the school’s crackdown on the social sciences.


The report states that Pascual sought to help Jan Ramos win the election, seemingly in connection to currently unverified dossier that alleges Lasallian intelligence has an explicit video of Ramos being peed on by his Lasallian girlfriend. The Katipunero’s in-house expert on Lasallian culture, who transferred from the school in grade two, says this is an accepted cultural norm in DLSU. [1]


In response to the OSCI Report, SANGGU President-elect Jan Ramos denied all connections to Miriam and Abbess Pascual. “I have never dated anyone from Miriam. Never. Although I admit, it’s a beautiful school, with beautiful students, maybe I should, be dating someone from Miriam, I don’t know.”


He then went on the offensive, saying OSCI was aiming only to create false controversy. “OSCI is rigged against me. It’s a ploy by the outgoing Abstain administration to paint me as Lasalle’s puppet, but I’m not their puppet. I would know, because I have excellent self-awareness and self-control. Full disclosure, however, I have friends from DLSU, but we’re just that, friends, and they tell me ‘oh, Jan, you’re so smart and strong and virile and tough! Pascual can learn so much from you, you should meet him when you become President, the two of you have so much in common. The two of you can work out such amazing deals for the school if you just lift those sanctions’ And I have to agree with them, and so do my supporters. I am smart and strong and virile and tough, and if Pascual thinks I’m smart and strong and virile and tough, then I think he’s smart and strong and virile and tough.”
[1] Editor’s Note – We cannot find a second source verifying the expert’s claims, but since we cannot find a source saying it’s not true, we have decided to keep the line in. This article will be updated if contrary or more supporting evidence is found.


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