What Will Duterte Say Next? (And an important announcement to our readers)

Editor’s note –

I’ve got the flu and I’m on some really strong cough syrup and hopped up on coffee, which is… wow. I’m not really making much sense, and the important announcement (which is right beneath this one) may be totally unreadable because of that. The actual funny article is beneath the super-important announcement that we hope you read because you love us, but we won’t fault you if you just want to get to the funnies.



So if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of our many loyal blog readers and subscribers who’ve been with us since the beginning. And if so, thank you.

You may have noticed that we’re barely updating the blog now, and if you’ve been following us on Facebook (which you should!), you may have gotten the impression that we’ve been more interested in updating our Facebook account than our blog. That’s only partly true.

The truth is that we’ve been trying to move ACH into a new direction, but we’re not entirely sure what that direction is, really. We’ve been using the last few months to figure that out.

As some of you may have guessed most of our writers are college students, and those college students will be graduating soon. Eventually, so will most of our readers. So given that, we here at the ACH have had to ask ourselves some very important questions. (Such as, does this make me gay? Lots of people watch their best friend masturbate, right? Should we go independent and start our website? And then stream ourselves masturbating to the rest of the world?)

We’ve spent a lot of time pondering these questions, and unfortunately, we might need some more time to reach some definite answers. We’re in a weird place right now, stuck between our passion for making stupid jokes and making people laugh, or making a good honest living as the people we regularly make stupid jokes about. It’s been hard for us to maintain commitments with all this stuff going on in our heads.

So we’d like to formally announce that the blog will be on hiatus for awhile. A lot of our writers are simply too busy, or too tired to continue the blog for the foreseeable future. We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook page every now and then, mostly short articles or photo series, both of which are as funny (or even funnier!) than the stuff we post here, but these updates will be restricted to creative brain farts that pop into our writers’ heads while in the shower.

But there is good news, however.

One of the ideas we’ve been tossing around lately has been whether or not we should be spinning off the ACH soon and starting our own website. We’ve been discussing this for awhile now, but only now do we think we’ve got the experience and the following to go through with it. The new website doesn’t have a specific name yet, but we’re thinking of going with La Liga. It’ll be a website dedicated to comics, literature, in-depth political articles focused on events from all over the world, but most importantly of all, Comedy, ACH-style.

We plan on launching the website soon, either by the end of this year, or by early 2017. We’re hoping that announcing this on our blog forces our hand so that we’ll actually work on it, and not let the idea burn down in flames and with it our hopes and dreams like the Hindenburg or the faculty building in UP.

As a sign of our dedication to the evolution of ACH, we’ll be posting a comic written by one our own writers on this blog, free to read, free to download, for any and all of our fans.


So yeah, that’s it. On behalf of the entire team, I’d like to say thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of this amazing journey.

GAry GOmez
ACH’s Editor In Chief


No, we won’t be revealing our real names anytime soon.


Duterte’s our favorite candidate. We’re not going to vote for him, but he is definitely our choice for “person who makes a mockery of modern democracy 2016.” Real recognize batshit fucking insane, but it also recognizes when someone’s bullshit makes for great entertainment.

Everyone keeps talking about Duterte because Duterte’s won’t stop talking shit. Everything he says is so wonderfully aggravating that sometimes I wonder if he’s really just a genius and we’re all just falling into his perfectly-crafted-yet-genuinely-infuriating trap. Every time he opens his mouth, he gets millions of views from people on “the social networks” and more likes than he should be getting.  I believe that the only way to beat him is to beat him to the punch and just get it all over with. Let’s just say what he wants to say, hit every minority that he hasn’t hit yet, so we can all get desensitized and just move the fuck on already.

This post was originally for FB, but since you can’t just stop a GIF in WordPress, we’ll post all 13 slides for your slow-reading pleasure.


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