Students claim that half a sem not long enough time for Midterm project

Noting that four months is not a long enough time to make a proper proposal for a study, several Econ 155 students under Dr. Angelo Tizon told ACH reporters that they’re seriously considering filing a formal complaint.

“Look, we have nothing but total respect and admiration for Professor Tizon, but we don’t think he gave us enough time for our Midterm assignment,” says Mark Santiago, who’s been spearheading the negotiations between the Econ 155 BB class and Professor Tizon. “The focus of Econ 155 is Microeconomics in the Local Level, and its supposed to overlap with our NSTP. Thing is, we’ve only had five, maybe eight, NSTP sessions since classes started in August. That’s simply not enough time for us to interact with the people of Barangay Sipag and think of a good idea for our field study.”

Mark says that in order for him, his group, and the rest of the class, to make a workable proposal, they need an extension of at least two to three weeks, as well as a free cut for their class scheduled on the meeting before the deadline so that they can give it one last edit. Mark says that his proposed extensions aren’t just an arbitrary estimate he pulled out of thin air. “I surveyed the students of other Econ 155 classes about their deadline. Then I went about finding and establishing the mean time it took to write a proposal (based on the performance of past batches) and then adjusted the formula to account for present-day variables that could have some effect on us.”
Mark says that it took him a week to figure out how much of an extension they needed for their Midterm requirements.

“We’re not going to budge on this. This class has to be a give-and-take, you know? We can’t give our 100% if we’re just rushing to meet a deadline.”

We could not reach Professor Tizon for comment, but according to another Economics professor, he is reportedly currently sitting alone in a reserved consultation room, wondering where all his Econ 155 students are. He was reported to have said, “Huh, I guess they’re all ready with their proposals, then. Wow, I must be getting really good at this Professor thing!”

“Well, I guess I can go substitute for that Chemistry class, then!”

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