True Communism finally made a reality in students’ Minecraft server

A group of students have put forward their intentions to create working model of the ideal Communist state in the popular video game, Minecraft. The team is composed of five different students from the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo De Manila University who all met at an Internet cafe along Katipunan Avenue. They were initially united by their love of video games, but all eventually realized that they all also leaned towards the political left.

Marco Belmonte, a Geology senior in UP, explains – “We were all playing Minecraft in Starbucks together when we realized that, holy shit, none of us had actually purchased the game legally, and when I asked them why, everyone gave different reasons, but all of our reasons swayed towards Communism or Socialist ideals in varying degrees.” Marco’s own reason for not purchasing the game was “financial issues.”

“I mean, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if we were all UP students because all UP students are inherently left-leaning by virtue of studying in a heavily subsidized and state-run educational institution,” said Gio Lechinsky, a UP Sophomore majoring in Economics whose reason for not buying the game was because he believed in open-source software, “But left-leaning Ateneans? Wow, that blew my mind.”

As they progressed further and further into the game, they reached the point where they actually found it too easy. They found themselves talking about politics as frequently as they discussed dungeon crawling formations or virtual animal breeding strategies, and it didn’t take long for video games and politics to meld together.

The group then had an idea, or rather, Atenean Jimmy Valdez had an idea,but agreed to share the credit with the rest of the guild. “I said, what if we had a Marxist playthrough? Like, a real, true communist playthrough. It’d be great because it’s never been done before, people think that the ideal communist state is impossible, but we can actually try it out and make it work.”

Three players are seen here sharing the cake rationed to them by the benevolent government for Maria's birthday
Three players are seen here sharing the cake rationed to them by the benevolent government for Maria’s birthday

“Creating a Communist utopia was a lot of virtual work. For the first few in-game weeks, we struggled with establishing a food surplus. We established a command economy, where we all discussed what we needed and labor quotas,” Jimmy then coughed before eyeballing Maria Santiago, another member of the People’s Minecraft Party, “but some people just weren’t pulling their weight.”

“Still, we pushed on and eventually managed to automate our industries.We had to seize the blueprints from some filthy objectivists from another server, but it worked, and we successfully freed ourselves from needing to ever work again for food or clothing. Our only problem, I guess, was combat. Everytime war would be declared on us, we’d all be drafted regardless of what we were doing in real-life, and so a quite a few of us had to sacrifice some sleep or miss some classes to repel a German invasion.”
Given the astounding success of their project, academics the world over are requesting if they could join the server for study, while members of the international Communist community finally feel vindicated that “true communism” has finally been made a reality.

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