Freshman couple announces engagement after two weeks of dating

Bethy Zalvatorre and Logan Fajardo, freshmen who’re barely half a sem into the new school year, have announced their engagement after two weeks of serious dating. Inseparable since they bumped into each other at Gonzaga, the two broke the news to their friends and classmates at a dinner party hosted by their TNT.

The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple

The news didn’t surprise their friends, most of whom thought it was inevitable. Eddie Guevarra, the resident smart-guy of their block and the guy they pressured into becoming their SANGGU block rep said -“Honestly, we all knew it was going to happen because Bethy and Logan are just perfect for each other. I mean, they have the same classes, the same breaks, and they even take the same route home. They spend practically all their time together, except for T-TH when Bethy’s got Varsity practice and Logan has an early dismissal, but otherwise the two of them are practically living together already”

While reactions from the rest of the student populace remains mixed, the couple has the support of the rest of their batch, who greeted the news with overwhelming support on Facebook and Twitter. Their story quickly went viral, where it served as an inspiration for many freshmen, many of whom have decided to take the plunge and go on dates with other people they’ve met in their first year of college. Samuel Tiniwini, an LM Major, is just one of the many students moved by the couple’s romance.

“They say that College is all about new experiences and experimentation, but I wasn’t really sure that was all true until I heard about BetLog (Bethy-Logan). Those two took a risk and it worked out, so that inspired me to do the same. There’s this one guy in my English block who’s just so pogi, I can’t help but think, Bucket list, you know? I’ve always been into girls, and asking a guy out was just too different for me, but now… Now it’s just YOLO! Their ill-advised life decisions has pushed me to make my own.”

“Not that I’m bitter or anything.”

In contrast to the Freshmen’s optimism, their upperclassmen have taken the news rather cynically. Most think that the two are rushing into things too quickly and are blinded by their own naivety. “That’s not love,” said Psychology Senior David Pastillas, “that’s just kilig and it’ll wear off soon enough. Their relationship will eventually self-destruct because their idea of love comes from TV, and that’s just too damn optimistic. The key to a long relationship is being so bitter and numb that you’ll put up with any bullshit just because you’re afraid of being alone.”

Both Bethy and Logan are still too young to legally marry each other, but the two are planning to have a symbolic ceremony at the table where they first met. The “Wedding” will be attended by many members of the Freshmen community, so expect Gonzaga to be fully-packed and all the paths leading to it to be impassable.


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