ABS-CBN announces new PBB in the works, PBB 1984, with Mayor Duterte as director

ABS-CBN has confirmed rumors that next season’s PBB iteration will have Davao Mayor and people’s celebrity, Rodrigo Duterte, as director and producer. The season will be titled “PBB 1984,” and will be “edgier, darker, and will show what happens when you cross Mayor Duterte” said one of the season’s new talent scouts and Davao Death Squad veteran, Ar-Ar De Dios*.

Because of this new change in direction, this season will be radically different from older ones. For this series, the show will no longer take place in the iconic Pinoy Big Brother house, but will instead be filmed in an isolated prison compound located in the darkest, most dreadful place imaginable: Marikina City. Housemates will now be hidden away from the world in a 700-square foot “Camp” surrounded by razor-wire fences and monitored by a dozen armed guards.

The “Big Brother Camp” will force inma—Housemates to rely on each other for support and guidance as they not only struggle with social drama or Big Brother’s house tasks, but also against things like starvation, exposure to the elements, or sickness. Completed house tasks and challenges award winners with boons, which they can exchange for things like food or supplies. As the situation gets more desperate, tensions will rise between housemates and tough choices will have to be made.

“One of our housemates has a wheat allergy, but since all the food they get is bread and water, he has to win challenges and complete house tasks to request for food he can safely eat. How can he do that if he’s weak from hunger? The other housemates must decide which is more important, helping someone else and risk losing, or helping themselves and moving up the ladder? Will you help the guy who your crush is falling in love with, or will you betray him so you can get medicine for your LBM? These are the struggles our housemates are facing. 

"He's twenty, but he's been here for a month now."
“He’s twenty, but he’s been here for a month now.”

Housemates will no longer be voted off, but every week, the public can vote for which inmate’s life becomes harder. This could mean that the housemate gets locked alone in a room for a week, or that they lose their bathroom privileges. Housemate termination will only occur when their life is in “immediate” danger, or when they’ve ceased to be entertaining.

Critics have called the show’s new direction to be disgusting and deplorable, which is something considering that this is PBB.  Director Duterte shrugged off their complaints about human rights abuses, as he found a way to work around it. “All of our housemates are criminals. Young, good-looking criminals, but still criminals who have forfeited all their rights once they decided to commit crimes like underage drinking or software piracy. Sure, some of them may actually be innocent, but there’s no way to tell. I’m not a judge.”

Pictured - Possibly guilty people
Pictured – Possibly guilty people


PBB 1984 will begin showing next year in February. Shooting will begin when the Government approves the guards’ licenses to kill.

Official video game to be released soon after
Official video game pre-orders are now open, though


*not his real name


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