UP Debsoc wins championship by proving that life is meaningless, love is a lie

A sullen but victorious Debate team returned to UP yesterday from the Pan-Asia Debate Championship held in Tokyo, Japan. They were greeted by the cheers and admiration of their fellow iskos and the school faculty, but were unable to find any comfort or pleasure in their friends. According to Debsoc’s chaperone and faculty adviser, Allen De Santos, the entire team has been depressed since they defeated the Ateneo Debate Society (their rivals from across the street) by proving that all human actions are ultimately worthless in the grand scheme of things.

The Motion given was “This House Believes that winning this tournament is important.” The UP delegation served as the opposition.

“The team was forced to argue that winning the PanAsia Tournament was a meaningless win. The Ateneo team started out by saying stuff like being a debater was a great way to pad their resumes, that it unified their school in their accomplishment, and all that flowery bullshit. ”

The Opposition Leader, Karl Abeles, a Public Administration student, decided that the best course of action was to reframe the debate into the frame of an all-encompassing, but ultimately uncaring, cosmos. Allen continues:”The Ateneans wanted to talk about the future, maybe ten, twenty years forward towards what Debate can do to help people build their ideas or reputations. Karl instead gave them the paradigm that fifty years into the future, both Debate teams would ultimately be dissolved under the rule of Bimby Aquino, the Emperor of Manila’s anti-intellectual policies; 100 years into the future, the world would end from Climate Change and all monuments to humanity will be lost; finally, he brought us to the end of time as the Universe eventually goes dark, cold, and lifeless.”

Pictured - The Adj
Pictured – The Adj

“Karl took that ball and didn’t just dribble it across the court, he stole it, ran off with it, and kept it under his bed for the rest of his life,” Said UPDebSoc trainee and fanboy Justin Arguerras. “When he stepped down the podium, the entire room was silent and I think I spotted one Adj (Adjudicator) texting his family saying that he loved them.”

The Ateneo team gave several firm rebuttals, but they were mostly left unheard from the crowd that was still in shock after coming to realize their own fleeting mortality. Miss Sara Timinenko, an Astrophysics major from the Ateneo, tried to give people back their sense of feeling by invoking the ideas of her own hero, Carl Sagan. That was eventually rendered moot when the next UP debater, Carmen Lee, reminded everyone that Carl Sagan was an atheist and believed that there was no afterlife. She pointed out which members of the audience would be most likely to die first, citing her expertise as a Biology student. She summed up that point by saying that while Carl Sagan used to be famous, his only legacy now is left with academics and nerds.

“Carl Sagan died in pain and aware of the void that followed death.”
Too soon?

She elaborated on one of Abeles’ previous points and gave her own argument that love was a lie we just tell ourselves. Explaining how that while she was in a steady, five-year relationship, over time the relationship has began to decay as they went on, and that the only reason why they continued staying with each other was out of some sense of loyalty or compassion, which Abeles had already argued with no contest was nonexistent. “Relationships are made to chase the idea of love, which is based on ideas like loyalty, compassion, and eternity. None of these are real concepts, and so if Love is built upon imaginary concepts, at the end of the day it does not exist!”

Her boyfriend, Mark, then ran from the auditorium, crying softly but audible enough to be heard by everyone.

We’re sure that the Whips had things to say, too, but at this point our interns grew despondent and unwilling to continue on with life.


52 thoughts on “UP Debsoc wins championship by proving that life is meaningless, love is a lie

    1. Precisely. Not this article. Not love. Not forever. Only Nothing is true…

      And the sad, sad tears of a clown.

    2. Exactly. Not this article. Not love. Not forever. Only Nothing is true…

      And the sad, sad tears of a clown.

  1. No love?no forever?
    How come you guys are here.
    How’s your mom and dad?
    They’re the living proof that love and forever exists. And you are the evidence.
    Are you guys just bitter? Or our being unique to each other complicate it. Or that we are ugly that no one wants us. Love holds many stories, different stories to be exact, it’s like from that day you were born.

    1. Oh honey the reason why my parents are still together is because getting divorced is way too costly. As for me, they are just really bored and there is nothing good on TV at the time.

    2. There are households built without love. It’s not really a requirement, sometimes marriage occur out of practicality. But you’re right, love holds many stories. Love is an idea mutually shared by two parties. Just don’t go around saying someone’s bitter just because they believe love is a lie. It’s tactless

    3. Now this, i find rather confusing.. Please define “forever”, as the definition i know of entails something that does not end, something that lasts for all future time.. You see, 100 years is quite long for human beings who claim they are able to provide “forever”, yet the universe, which has been thought to have existed “forever” is estimated to have been around for about 15 billions years.. and if we assume that time have not yet ended because we exist, then the universe, which have outlasted the human race, have not in fact existed “forever”.. it is a very vague and misused word.. i think the more appropriate term would be “lifelong” as the definition i know of entails something that lasts throughout a person’s lifetime.. Call me bitter, but technically speaking you can not measure “forever” because entail infinity in time.. i don’t know though..

  2. Love is meaningless from a materialistic standpoint. However, our minds, intellect, and feelings are not material but spiritual.

    The arguments raised here were purely materialistic and physical and concludes that what is not seen is immaterial.

    As The Little Prince puts it: “What is invisible in the eye is essential.”

    Don’t despair because what was debated on was just a dot of what is considered as a vast universe of truth.

  3. This was an intellectual discussion where the side that debated for the cause of fatalism (a well-worn and longstanding philosophical doctrine) won. I fail to see what merits it to stir up such sentiment about values and our future and the purpose of life. It’s not as if fatalism didn’t exist and wasn’t something this debate team was aware of before they took its side.

    I find it quite odd that this apparently depressed quite few people.

  4. this story doesn’t sound very real. It’s probably made up.

    I get the gist – that love is a lie and that life is meaningless – but did they really have to make up this whole debate competition thing? I mean… REALLY? It just makes debating look bad.

    1. Hi! I am from UP Debsoc. This article is indeed a satire. Also, no one from the organization participated in the making of this article. 🙂

  5. Yeah, it’s kind of complicated stuff to debate on. I guess i can say that youth is both lie, and a form of evil for having it felt and seen exactly by my own self. But in the end of the day we’re all just human, that feels something. Whether it’s a feeling of hate, anger, or the feeling of joy and contentment. We’re all aware and somehow agreed that it is a part of us that operates in it’s own will and cannot be changed or control. Kaya siguro nga, wala naman talagang true love,forever, o iba’t-ibang uri ng magic. And I do know that happiness is a fairy tale that doesn’t exist. I know that too well, but still you know that’s where i want to go.

  6. I wondered what kind of person would can actually state what Carmen Uy said about love. Such a bitter-sounding and in my opinion a very dull statement. Maybe there’s a story behind that statement of hers. And I do hope she just said that for the sake of the debate, because if she does apply that to her life then she might as well not try living at all.

  7. Good thing it was just a debate. Not real in the whole sense of the word or experience. Otherwise, what are all these examples of (experiential) counterpoints against the arguments supposed to be? But the possible problem here is when people actually take those arguments as definitive and personal truth. How dreary one’s life would be for such a seemingly-logical idea!

  8. There are many choices in life and not all of them might end up good. One major choice we each have is choosing what to believe in. I choose to believe that life is what we make it and that it is purposeful. If love is a lie and life is meaningless then why do most people choose not to end it? If it were true, would ending your life be a better choice?

  9. Good day, everyone! I am from UP Debsoc. This is to clarify that this article is indeed a satire. UP Debsoc is not responsible for writing or publishing this article.

    If you want to get real updates from UP Debate Society, visit our website (www.updebatesociety.com), FB Page (University of the Philippines Debate Society) and twitter @UPDebateSociety.

    Thank you!

    1. It’s normally against ACH policies (naks, may policies) to reply to comments, but…

      I’m so sorry. We never expected the Debsoc post to be popular, and we were actually going to make a string of UP Posts for the benefit of our UP readers as fun jabs against the institution and UP culture. The joke was based on an obscure, probably outdated practice where applicants to UP Debsoc would have to argue *against* themselves, e.g. if you wanted to join UP Debsoc, you needed to argue about why you weren’t UP Debsoc material.

      It was supposed to be a jab at that, plus the obvious “hugot” themes.

      If you really are part of Debsoc, please forward our apologies, we never thought that people would actually take it seriously.

  10. Carl Sagan is an atheist. You say? Yes, but even atheists do feel love. Romantic love may leave you but there are many kinds of LOVE. One does not identify LOVE as only the relationship of a boyfriend and a girlfriend. You have friends, relatives , children. Tell me if the feeling of compassion is not love? It is the love of your “neighbor” a person whom you don’t even know yet you care for them. That is LOVE. The fact that some people care for you even putting their own lives in the line. That is LOVE. The fact that people care for you. Do not narrow your love to just towards yourself but the love that you can give to others. And the fact that relationships exist because of the tiny speck of a bond. Even a tiny speck of care, that is Love. Love can do unlimited things and can break boundaries. Of course, I know that was just a competition but because of the negative side winning, the effect of this triumph subjugated some people in the influence of a negative nature. Just saying.

  11. Life is meaningless. TRUE. This is wisdom… And they missed the next wisdom, that we are supposed to create meanings out of nothingness of life. It is human nature to create meanings. It is automatic, an instinct. The question is: what meanings are we creating? Disempowering or empowering meanings? Are we aware about the meanings that we create?

    Love is a lie. NOT necessarily true. It is a meaning that “she” put on love. In fact, love is a meaning that we create out from nothing. When love is lost, it only means that one has ceased to create love (consciously or unconsciously).

    We always create meanings. The only time we ceased to stop creating is when , 1) we are on deep meditation, 2) we die.

    Isn’t it great to be self-aware, so that we can choose to create the meanings that empowers oneself on those around him?

    The debaters stopped at the meaningless state of life. They missed to move on to the next: creation of meanings!

    What are you creating for your future? A dark, cold, dying world… Or A life full of happiness, great friends, wonderful world to travel around? CHOOSE – Your choice dictates your daily life.

    1. I totally agree on the first part of your post but to move on to the next stage which is creation of meaning, to me is pointless. We must not deceive ourselves and just accept the fact of meaningless of life.

  12. Take note, UP is on the opposition side. Of course, they’ll do whatever it takes to win even though the issue is against their will. Basics of being a debater.

  13. I guess having been in the opposition side you will always do your best to win, either you have to break in or break out simple truths, just to see yourself on top.. Making issues is for everyone to check on himself, for the things you think that you believe in.

    At the end of the day, your own perception and understanding will somehow make you who you are. Your personal worth for LOVE and MEANING would surely make yourself WORTH LIVING.


    For the reason, I live life and He causes me to live it to the full. Thanks be to God… LOVE IS NEVER A LIE TO HIM WHO BELIEVE….

  14. My premise is that God is love..if you deny it then the argument is futile because you would deny the existence of God… If love is a lie, then God is also a lie. The UP Debaters postulation is only acceptable if we are our own creations and there is no Supreme Being Who has created us in their image and likeness…the trinitarian God who embodies Love in its purest form.

  15. It is a novel perspective. But I’d like to think that even if love and “ideas like loyalty, compassion, and eternity” are mere concepts, not something “real”, it does not make them any less important.

  16. It was a debate. It would have been different if they were not in the opposition. You believe what you want to believe. Hearing something and getting bothered by it especially from standpoint of debaters whose goal is to win only means your faith is not intact.

  17. this article made me laugh at the mediocrity of plebeans lolol
    I actually took this article seriously enough that it made me laugh at the stupidity of the debaters aforementioned. (of course later on acknowledging I was an idiot myself for believing this, not even noticing the silliness of this whole charade; good thing we have obsessive stuck-up commentors to wake people up! )

    Good job stirring people up including myself on the subject that Love does not exist–even at the realization that this was a ruse, I contemplated about the statement nonetheless:
    “love exists and doesn’t exist at the same time”
    I ended up with this answer.


  18. Fram an Agnostic point of view. The oppositions’ points are all true. You yourselves know that life is meaningless and love is a lie. You’re just scared to accept the truth that human just like animals is just a piece of shit in this entire bizarre universe. You’re just keeping your faith to unleash your fears. But the truth is nothing but the truth. We are just nothing. We exist and die and then it stops there.

  19. Fram an Agnostic point of view. The oppositions’ points are all true. You yourselves know that life is meaningless and love is a lie. You’re just scared to accept the truth that human just like animals is just a piece of shit in this entire bizarre universe. You’re just keeping your faith to unleash your fears. But the truth is nothing but the truth. We are just nothing. We exist and die and then it stops there.

  20. From an Agnostic point of view. The oppositions’ points are all true. You yourselves know that life is meaningless and love is a lie. You’re just scared to accept the truth that human just like animals is just a piece of shit in this entire bizarre universe. You’re just keeping your faith to unleash your fears. But the truth is nothing but the truth. We are just nothing. We exist and die and then it stops there.

  21. Life is all about experiencing Life. My take on this is that: Men create their own miseries. Men’s thoughts, such as these nonsense worries and realizations that may seem intellectual but unwise all the same, is the very poison. People can get so caught up on their own thoughts to the point that it depresses them, it may have kill something inside of them. Otherwise, how could winning something be a depressing thing? :O

    it’s true that none of these concepts are real. Concepts aren’t even real in the first place. If you would actually look into it literally, its just letters – o,n,c,e,p,t,s,c or l,v,o,e – formed together to create such words, and men attach their own meaning to it… But the bottom line is NOT ” at the end of day it doesn’t exist”. The bottom line is living your life by experiencing life itself. And a fully experienced life involves experiencing these human made concepts, real/unreal feelings, futile/not futile events etc which in the end led human beings into another new concepts so on and so forth… in other words, Accept Life without wanting life to be other than it is. What else are we to do? It’s like a trap.

    you can acknowledge this so-called “life” or these so called “Concepts”, but never let it affect you in a negative, hopeless, depressing way – because if you do, it’s what makes it futile; because if you do, its what makes “all human actions are ultimately worthless in the grand scheme of things.”

    And no, im not saying we can’t be depressed or unhappy. That’s UNREAL in its own sense. But while you’re at it – at least Enjoy the experience of “being depressed”. But never view it as something futile because such views are futile.

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