Jose Rizal comes out as a Transgender streetfighter

Filipino icon Jose Rizal officially came out yesterday and admitted that he was uncomfortable being a man.  Now fully ready to transition into life as a female, Jose Rizal hopes that Filipinos everywhere will accept his decision, and you know, not killing him or anything.

The transition, he says, will be a long journey. First, he would have to study his options, such as hormones or surgery. Then comes the process of preparing himself for the procedure, which will be a costly one either way. Finally, comes the actual treatment. He says that as of now, he’s leaning towards taking hormones so that he can ease himself -and others- into it. “I’m going to take my transitioning very slowly. Now that I’m who I am, I think I can afford to take it slow. I don’t have to go straight into surgery because of all the options available for me.”

While Jose Rizal, who now wants to be called Josie Rizal (Full name Josiélynda Protisiano Rizal Mercado y Alisson Realonda), is proud of his decision, those around him have become sharply divided.

People whose opinion regarding his self-worth actually matters, such as his friends and family are supportive. While some of them may have mixed feelings about his change, they still support his decision. His former wing-man, Andres “FuccBoi”  Bonifacio, had this to say “It’s like, you don’t know what he doin’, right? You can’t understand his feelings cuz you aint him and it’s like, it’s a an entirely different paradigm, man. Butchu know what, yo? I support him a hunnred percent, cuz he still my boi. Figuratively.”

Even Katsuhiro Harada, who worked with Rizal to include him in the latest Tekken game, supports his decision, even though he may now have to remodel the character into a female.

#Haradadouken  (That's from Tekken, right?)
(That’s from Tekken, right?)

Other people, mainly those who know him only because of his status as a Filipino icon and haven’t ever really understood what he’s been through, have expressed their unease.

“How can one man be woman???? God doesnt make mistakes!!!” Posted Cardinal Tagle on Twitter, expressing the Church’s solid and unwavering view on transgendered people.

"How can magnets attract metal if not for God's intervention? #openyoureyesppl
“How can magnets attract metal if not for God’s intervention? #openyoureyesppl

The NCCA, however, does not have a proper position yet and is still looking into ways where it can curtail a person’s right to expression, determination, and of course, choice. “We are currently studying our legal options concerning Jose Rizal’s decision to transition into a female. Our legal team says that we can try chaining him to a rock and leaving him there until he finally relents, but we have not committed to any plan yet.”

Still, not everyone is content to merely talk or express their views civilly. Sources close to Josie Rizal have stated that he/she/it (how do we refer to trans people? Do we still refer to them in the second-person, or do we go full third-person or just ignore them?) has begun to take self-defense lessons to expand on her martial arts capability. The sources claim that she is afraid of possible repercussions and potential hate crimes against her or her family.

Rizal pre-hormones (We can't find the source for this, but will edit this caption when we do)
Rizal pre-hormones
(Credit to Gelo Arellano for this sick portrait)

She supposedly said this to her friends in private: “It is sad that I have to live the rest of my life in fear, but at least now I can do some sick combos.”

She can now do a pretty epic 360noscope (I'm serious I haven't played Tekken before)
She can now do a pretty epic 360noscope
(I’m serious I haven’t played Tekken before)

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