After the Blue Card, Ateneo to release Ateneo Gold

After the release of Ateneo’s new Blue Card system, the Ateneo administration has announced the development of the Ateneo Gold program, which will be going into a public beta test starting February.

Ateneo Gold will allow students access to several features not available to regular Ateneo students, like reserved computer stalls at the Library, access to the VIP Room in Matteo, additional cuts, and something they call “preferential service.” Explained by the project manager Dr. Remmy Ong, a former Dean of the School of Management, the preferential service feature places students with an Ateneo Gold card in the front of the queue at any Ateneo-based service. “Renting calculators or printing out your papers will be much easier with Ateneo Gold. Just flash your card and you’ll be placed in the front of the line. Your request will be marked as urgent by our personnel and you’ll be able to get whatever you need quickly, without the hassle of waiting in line with the plebs.”

The new program has its detractors, however, with several unimportant anti-progress communists members of the left-wing student group KASALA claiming that the program is not only unfair to students who can’t afford it, but also only adds expenses to an overburdened student body. “It doesn’t make sense to pay so much in tuition, then to pay even more for the miscellaneous services and fees within the school.” Mikko Llazones, spokesperson for KASALA, expressed his thoughts via text to ACH. “If anything, we should be looking at lower costs or lower tuition, that is what we should be getting.”


Dr. Ong, however, remains unconvinced. “We need the money.” When asked what the money is for, he said “it’s all there in your tuition receipts.”


Other details-


Ateneo Gold subscriptions cost up to 300 pesos a month, with 1-month (True Blue), 3-month (Silver), 1- academic year (Gold), and lifetime subscription plans (Not Graduating Ever).


>Preferential Service
>Reserved computers, tables, and access to the VIP Rooms of Matteo and Rizal Lib

>Use of the Smockets (pre-smoking ban)

>Free treatment for illnesses caused by Smoking in school

>An additional 2 cuts per unit of the class, half-cuts no longer being counted

>Unlimited Bandwidth

>The knowledge that you’re richer and more affluent than your peers


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