Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago to star in Djefensor Unchained

Following in the footsteps of famed Filipino director Gerardo De Leon, whose movies has influenced directors both local and foreign (Quentin Tarantino is a fan of his sexploitation film “Women in Cages”), American Capitalist Hegemony Studio founders Kentyn Tarantado and Jharlo Del Torro are proud to announce that their newest film, Djefensor Unchained, is now in the works.


Djefensor Unchained is the third film of the extremely racist, violent, and incredibly stupid “Pinipig Trilogy.” While it is not a direct sequel to trilogy’s first two movies, Bise Negros! and The Katipunerdables, it still follows the same themes of politics, satire, low production value, and and flimsy excuses to use the N-word over and over again. It is expected to be part of this year’s MMFF, and will be in direct competition with Ai Ai De las Alas’ new movie “Ang Taning Ina Mo – Ang Madilim na Reboot!”, Kris Aquino’s “Hoy, Ang Cute ng Anak ko, diba? LOL,” and Nora Aunor’s ” Puta, di niyo naman ‘to papanoorin”


The film casts Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago as Djefensor, an ex-bounty hunter turned high-ranking Senator who is on the hunt for corrupt officials within the Philippine government.  Senator Santiago does not have a lot of acting experience but says that filming this movie will not be difficult for her. “I have a lot of experience beating up government officials…for this film, I’m going to be doing the same thing, so I’m not worried because I do this everyday already.” She then quickly added “I’m a senator turned actor, kind of like Senator Sotto or Senator Revilla…or maybe not because I’m good at both acting and politics, whereas those two aren’t good at either.”

An actual magazine cover stolen from the Philippine Star which we stole from Imageshack
An actual magazine cover stolen from the Philippine Star which we stole from Imageshack.



The crowd of reporters then shouted “Burn!” and everybody laughed.

Seriously this guy is really bad at both of his jobs.

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