Ned Stark to be executed for researching Bimby’s lineage

MANILA – Ned “NedNed” Stark, governor of Ilocos Norte and heir of Stark-CD-R King Industries, is to be executed on October 30 after being found guilty of treason. According to witnesses, Ned was talking to Senator Enrile in his office,  discussing the possibility that Bimby Aquino-Yap was “not James’ son” and the possibility of a conspiracy within the government to create an Aquino dynasty.

"In Perpetua" - The motto of House Aquino
“In Perpetua” – The motto of House Aquino

Ned was reportedly caught saying – “Think about it, Manong. Bimby is a terrible basketball player, but James is. All of James’ children are good at basketball, so why not Bimby?” Before they could discuss the matter further, the two were quickly apprehended by Aquino allies under the direction of Congressman Quimbo. Senator Enrile was charged, along with a few other senators, with embezzlement and corruption, while Governor Stark was charged with conspiracy against the government and treason.


No members of House Aquino or House Stark could be reached for comment.


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