Several orgs to secede from ADMU to protect their right to sell people

Students from the Southern orgs are threatening to push for secession from the Ateneo De Manila after ADSA head Rene San Andres made Human Auctions illegal.

“I don’t see the problem” – Tex Araneta

Tex Araneta, president and owner of JGSOM’s largest plantation org, PartyLand, posted this on his Facebook wall:


I do not believe that Human Auctions are  necessarily degrading to human dignity. Human Auctions are an important part of our culture and our industry. Human Auctions help fund our projects, such as our grandiose balls. It also helps us academically; students who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities buy the services of another student to do their homework for them, or to run errands.

I reject the idea that human auctions are degrading to human dignity, instead, it reaffirms their worth. I mean, when you bid on someone, you bid on them because they have value, like a car or a soda.  Students who put themselves up for auction know what they’re getting into, they volunteer their service, so obviously they’re okay with being treated like merchandise.

If ADSA does not repeal their decision, then unfortunately, Partyland will have to secede from the Ateneo to protect our right to piss on other people’s rights.

(SEE MORE – There’s no party like a human auction-funded party cuz a human auction-funded party doesn’t let you stop)


Other organizations, like True Korea Society (the North Korea appreciation org) and the SANGGU party ARSON (Ayn Rand Student Operating Network), have also expressed their support for secession. Assistant Dean San Andres, however, isn’t fazed, and says that “students threaten to secede all the time, but just in case, I’ll avoid crowded theaters.”


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