Leaked Emma Watson photos reveal that she’s making us all look bad

Days after the Emma Watson leak was revealed to be a hoax, another leak of celebrity photos from the iCloud server reveals the Harry Potter star’s deepest secrets.


The photos, which show Emma Watson going about her daily life, include scandalous shots of her helping a pair of homeless man in Dublin, bringing them home for a warm supper and a nice shower, then getting them both roles as Ron Weasley’s twin brothers in the Harry Potter films. Their past as homeless panhandlers was a fact never known to the public before, but is now part of the infamous Watsongate photoset.

Other photos show her stripping down to her underwear in public, then diving into the freezing River Thames to save a five-year old boy from drowning, pulling him out of the water with her teeth, then fighting off a pack of ravenous wolves with nothing but her bare hands.


Pictured here, punching the shit out of wolves. (Photo From World Actress)
Pictured here, punching the shit out of wolves. (Photo From World Actress)


Insiders are still scouring over 5 GB worth of data, but this has proven to be a difficult task, as five minutes into the search, many reporters were flooded with feelings of existential dread, worthlessness, and inadequacy after overexposure to her good deeds. Many of them have decided to leave the folders alone, convinced that no matter what they find, Emma Watson would still be a better human being than all of them combined.


Emma Watson has yet to comment on the incident as she is currently in an unknown part of West Africa, donating her miraculous, Ebola-curing blood to sufferers of the Ebola epidemic.


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