Sophomore’s PSY101 project justifies his bias; convinced his work is groundbreaking

Explaining his research to the class, BS MGT student Daniel De Jesus (PSY 101 N)  said that most women are sexist themselves. This revelation sent shockwaves through  PSY101 world. He pointed out that his survey, which surveyed Ateneo students from both his MGT block and his Englit block,  showed that feminism was “hypocritical.”

"Don't you know that smoking kills?" Anonymous smoker: Yeah, actu--  "I'm sorry, I wasn't talking to you, you anthrocentrist, I was talking to the cigarette."
Daniel De Jesus

In his survey, he asked people to imagine they were having difficulty with a bunch of heavy boxes which they had to load into their car. “If a member of the opposite sex happened to pass by,” Daniel asked, “would you ask them for help?” According to the survey’s results, only 30% of the men asked (10 men out of the 50 men interviewed) would ask for help, while 90% of women would ask for help (9 out of the 10 females interviewed.) Daniel explains that his paper, “which is the culmination of a week’s effort,” effectively disproved the notion that “Feminism” is really about equality. “If women really believed in equality, then the results should’ve been the same, regardless of gender. Ninety-percent of women asked for help, shouldn’t that number be lower? If women really believed in equality, it should’ve been like, thirty or something.”


His research soon went viral, finding its way onto the ADMU Secret Files page, getting a couple hundred likes and shares from people who had no idea how statistics work. Reception to Daniel’s work hasn’t been without criticism, however, as according to his professor, Mr. Freund, “I think Mr. De Jesus could have probed the respondents a bit more, to get a little bit deeper into the issue. He could have asked the women why they felt so entitled to a man’s help, or ask men if they agreed with a statement, I don’t know, like “I didn’t ask for help because I knew beforehand that she would refuse to help me. Standard questions, you know?”


Mr. De Jesus plans to shift into Psychology and to make this the subject of his thesis.


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