Rejected For The Record testimonies

Org life is a huge part of being a student, but choosing the right org is incredibly difficult if all you have to go on are the posters. We here at ACH are committed to helping you guys make the right choice, so we dug up the people who weren’t pretty (or plastic) enough for FTR to  give you their take on why you should join their org!

“You should definitely join BOx, even if you aren’t from SOSE. We could always use test subjects.” – Jake Varza, 4 BS Bio


“Why should you join Assembly? Because we do our best to help people. But you know, if you don’t want to, maybe you’re just a capitalist pig. Go back to SOM or Econ, oppressor.” – Melissa King, 2 AB POS


“Dude, shit, wait, I’m kinda hungover right now. Can I, like, make plug AJMA later?” – Larry Lee, 3 BS MGT


“AMP’s full of people who can help you out with your music career.”                                                       /Why do you have a deer/                                                                                                                                 “I’m a postpunk indie reggaejazz musician, I play the deer.” – The student formerly known as Mercutio, 3 AB Comm
“Join WritersKill or I’ll kill Daenarys.” /Actually, it’s pronounced Writer Skill/ “…and Daario whipped out his massive cock and choked Dany to death with it.” /You’re an asshole./  – George R. R. Martin, Former WS president


“Pssh, your blog is trash! You’re *cough* satire doesn’t even follow the proper form, nor does it properly immerse the reader! I refuse to appear on your blog!” – Jean Val Sean, 5 AB IS (Heights)


“Blue Hanguk Society has provided True Korea with dozens of new soldiers!” – Kim Jung Un, Dictator for Life at BHS


“LFC helped me start my film career!” Ann Al-Ho


“Any fool can make a bomb, AChes helped me turn it into a career!” – Dr. Thrax, BS Chem 2000




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