Ateneo to purchase controversial painting for display at SOH

The Ateneo De Manila University is all set to buy the latest painting from controversial Dada artist JC Mendoza. The painting, worth half a million pesos, was purchased by the school to be displayed at the University’s new art building Arete. This comes amid rumors that the painting would never sell, partly because of its controversial nature, but mostly because of its simplicity and its “frivolously expensive” price tag.


The painting, entitled “The Mind of Kris Aquino” was bought for the sum of five hundred thousand pesos at a silent auction in the University of the Philippines. Made by famed Dada painter JC Mendoza, a graduate of the school, the Mind of Kris Aquino is simply a blank canvas, framed with an ornate, but tacky, frame.


stolen from
“The Mind of Kris Aquino” before framing

The painting was bought by the school’s representative, Dr. Harvey Bonifacio, who said that the purchase of the painting was an attempt to “send a message to our students.” He explains that the painting is a perfect example of what art should be, he says, “silly, funny…but also really pretentious. [sic]”


When asked to explain, he said “make of it what you will.” His companion, Ms. Jenna Macalima, then added “we’re saying both nothing and something at the same time.”

As of press time, no one has any idea what the fuck they just said.


UPDATE: According to an email sent to us by the School of Humanities, the painting will be displayed at the English department for the time being. The email stated that it was “both to honor the department’s most famous student, and to shame the faculty into working harder so that” and we quote “we may never let another student end up like her ever again.”


After the construction of the Arete, the painting will be transferred to the new art center, where it will be prominently displayed next to their other painting that honors the country’s own Filipino Oprah Winfrey: How did she graduate again?


9 thoughts on “Ateneo to purchase controversial painting for display at SOH

  1. At first I was like, “Why would anyone buy that shit”, shortly after I saw the title of the piece, I immediately tweeted Anne Curtis if she can buy me, my friends, Ateneo, and that art.

  2. A famed Artist; a blank canvas with a huge tag price? Everybody knows the subject.
    I just don’t get it. I think the mind of Kris Aquino is contagious.

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